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Bearings & Spacers

Mittlerweile sind bereits in jedem Scooter Wheel Kugellager mit verbaut, aber sollte es dennoch mal kaputt gehen kannst du diese einfach tauschen und dein Stunt Scooter Rad weiterfahren. Regelmäßiges ölen lieben alle Kugellager!

Abec 9 Bearings
ABEC 9 Bearings for Scooters Scope of delivery: 1 piece with spacershigh quality Abec 9 bearings Material: 4130 Chromoly Steel Rate: ABEC 9 Scope of delivery: 1 piece

Noname Deck Spacer Aluminium
spacer in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Scope of delivery 1 piece.spacers for the Deck Width: 6mm, 8mm, 10 mm Scope of delivery: 1 Spacer

Ethic DTC Ethic DTC Kugellager
Stabile und extrem schnell ABEC 9 Hochpräzesions-Kugellager! Lieferumfang: 4 Stück mit Spacers Ethic DTC Kugellager zeichnen sich durch ihre Stabilität, wie auch durch ihre Schnelligkeit aus. Material: 4130 Chromoly Steel Kugellager: ABEC 9 Lieferumfang: 4 Kugellager, inkl. 2 Spacers geräuschlose Spacer (Gummi innenseitig) sealed

Apex Apex Keramik bearings
4 pieces ceramic bearings with spacersApex Ceramic bearings!Rate: non-rated, sealedSCope of delivery: 4 pieces, incl. 2 Alu Spacer!

Tilt TILT Better Bearings
TILT Better Bearings are fast and with a light grease that will provide a long-term lubrication. scope of delivery: 4 pcs incl. SpacersPieces: 4 pieces, incl. 2 Spacers Farbe: rot

Apex Apex Box Cut Deck Spacer
Spare spacer for box cut decks.For every Apex Boxed Deck! Material: steel without bolts

Eagle Bearings
Quality Bearings for Scooters Scope of delivery: 1 piece with spacers high quality Abec 9 bearings Material: 4130 Chromoly Steel Scope of delivery: 1 piece

Blunt Blunt Box Ends
Extra Box ends for your Blunt Deck! Material: Nylon Width: 120, 125, 130 mm

Ethic DTC Ethic Spacer Pandemonium V1
Spacers for the Ethic Pandemonium V1 Deck Scope of delivery: 2 Spacer

Ethic DTC Ethic DTC 12 STD Bearings
Stable and extreme fast 12 STD Bearings!Material: 4130 Chromoly Steel 4 Bearings, incl. 2 Spacers 12 STD! sealed

Blunt Blunt Wheel Spacer
Blunt Wheel Spacer SetOne set includes spacers for your forks and deck. Sizes: 24mm, 28mm, 30mm

Ethic DTC Ethic Spacer Artefact V2
Spacers for the Ethic Artecat V2 Deck Scope of delivery: 2 Spacer

Blunt Blunt Bearings
4 pieces with spacersRate: ABEC 9 Scope fo delivery: 4 pieces Blunt Bearings, incl. 2 Alu-Spacers

Blunt Blunt Bearings 10 Pack
A full Pack of 10 Abec 9 Blutn Bearrings. Rate: ABEC 9 Scope fo delivery: 10 pieces Blunt Bearings

Ethic DTC Ethic Spacer Erawan
Spacers for the Ethic Erawan Deck Scope of delivery: 2 Spacer

Ethic DTC Ethic Spacer Iconoclast 8Std
Spacers for the Ethic Iconoclast Deck 8mm Axle. Scope of delivery: 2 Spacer


When Do I Need New Bearings?

Without properly lubricated bearings, your scooter won't roll smoothly. Each wheel has 2 bearings, which can be replaced if the old ones no longer spin smoothly or make loud rolling noises. Most stunt scooter bearings are size 608 and fit axles with a diameter of 8 mm. They consist of 6 to 8 balls (Tilt uses about only 6 balls), usually made of steel or ceramic. Steel bearings are robust and cost-effective, while ceramic bearings are of higher quality and run smoother.

Which Bearings Should I Buy?

Many brands indicate the quality of bearings in ABEC ratings. The ABEC scale originated in the industry and evaluates the tolerance and precision of bearings. It includes odd numbers from 1 to 9, with a higher ABEC rating indicating higher precision. However, not all brands use this scale. So, the choice of optimal scooter bearings depends not only on the ABEC class but also on your preferred brand. Also, note that for a few years now, there have been 12-STD axles and wheels that require special 12-STD bearings. However, these only fit in 12-STD wheels.