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Our Service for You - Scooter Assembly and Repairs!

We have over 10 years of experience with stunt scooters and city scooters, and we are happy to help.

Custom Stunt Scooter - Build Your Dream Stunt Scooter!

Do you want to build a stunt scooter yourself? Are you a complete beginner and don't know anything about stunt scooters yet? Or are you already a pro and still want our support? We have been riding scooters ourselves for many years and have a team with the best riders in Austria!

Although we are now purely an online shop, we are happy to help you get your dream scooter. Here's how it works, step by step:

Step 1: The Start

Pick your dream parts on our website. First, think about the essentials, what design appeals to you, what colors do you like? You don't need to think about anything technical yet, we'll do that later with you in peace!

Step 2: The Most Important Parts of Your Scooter

Start with the deck and bar. Choose what you dream of - the scooter has to appeal to you!

Tip, you can also choose plain colors here and set color accents with the other parts!

Step 3: The Other Parts

Next, choose the fork as well as the other components: wheels, grips, headset, clamp & grip tape. Of course, the design should primarily appeal to you but size and weight are also important. We are happy to assist in choosing and will take into account your individual wishes.

Tip: Repeating colors, for example for the fork and clamp, often gives your scooter a great overall aesthetic. Regarding the headset, you can choose any, only the topcap is visible, the rest is installed inside the scooter."

Step 4: Send It to Us!

Send us your list of dream parts by email. You can also send us screenshots of the shopping cart:

Now we can ask you further questions, such as whether you want to ride the scooter for park or street, how tall you are, and what tricks you want to do.

Step 5: The Pro Check

With all this information, we can now create a perfectly tailored stunt scooter for you based on your wishlist. We check if all parts are compatible! Here you can fully rely on our experience! We suggest changes and together we then determine your setup.

Step 6: Consultation on Site

You are also welcome to come directly to us with your wishlist and we will advise you on site. Please contact us beforehand to arrange a suitable time.

Step 7: The Assembly

Once all questions are clarified and we have found the setup with you, we are also happy to take over the assembly. We do not charge for consulting on a setup as long as we receive a wishlist from you and can build on it! We take extra time for the assembly and put all parts together carefully. We charge €29 for this - you will receive a ready-to-ride stunt scooter!

You now have a great stunt scooter but are stuck with the tricks? Join one of our courses: Stunt Scooter Courses and workshops for beginners and advanced riders!

Maybe you want a ready-made stunt scooter? Here you can find tips on which one suits you best.

Scooter Repair - our workshop is happy to help!

  • We naturally repair the brands that we carry, especially Micro Scooter and Xootr.
  • Bring your scooter to us, and we are happy to provide a cost estimate! Often, it's worth repairing instead of buying new! We are glad to offer advice.
  • We also offer repair and service for the most common E-Scooter brands with ecraft: click here to continue to E-Craft