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Performing spectacular tricks on a scooter is nothing new. As early as 2006, the first people had the crazy idea of ​​jumping over high ramps on a folding scooter model and doing stunts. It quickly became clear that something more stable and more suitable was needed and the first stunt scooter was born!

But what makes a good stunt scooter? What should you pay attention to when making a purchase?

We are the professionals and here we show you the most important facts!

The most important things you need to know about purchasing a stunt scooter:

In a nutshell!

When it comes to the very first stunt scooter many questions naturally arise. Which is better, a Stunt Scooter Complete (i.e. a ready-made stunt scooter) or a scooter put together yourself (Customized Scooter)?

Usually it makes more sense for beginners to take a complete scooter. A finished scooter from one brand is always much cheaper than putting it together yourself. Furthermore, a newcomer must first find his or her preferences, i.e. find their own style. The requirements for the trick scooter only arise from personal preferences. A good stunt scooter complete is therefore often a good all-round model.

What is important concerning the Complete stunt scooter?


Stability is not only a major concern for parents, but also for driver who wish that the scooter does not fall apart when landing. In the ideal case, a stable scooter makes no noise if you let it fall from a height of a few centimeters (drop test). Therefore when purchasing a stunt scooter, make sure it is of the highest possible quality and only buy genuine branded goods. Better a few euros more invested than broken bones. We only carry brands whose stability we are convinced of!


The weight of the scooter is particularly important for beginners. The lighter the scooter, the higher the jumps and the longer the airtime, i.e. the time in which you can do the stunt. It is therefore easier to practice with a light scooter. Good entry-level scooters weigh 3.00-3.70 kg. There are very few scooters that even crack the limit and are under 3.00 kg!


Probably the most frequent question we are asked: How high should the entry-level stunt scooter be? Basically, the height depends on the style of the driver. For beginners, we advise the total height of the scooter should be slightly below the navel. In fact, take a hand width away from your navel and you'll have a good height to start with. Should the handlebars no longer fit after a while, we have a large selection of matching higher handlebars.


Of course the price is very important. A good entry-level stunt scooter costs around 150 euros. But there are now well-known top brands that offer even cheaper scooters. There are also special models around 200 Eur which are especially suitable for children with a size of 140 cm and up. A stunt scooter under 100 EUR? There is also something like that, but unfortunately we had not yet found one that was stable enough to sell it with a clear conscience. So quality has a price, but in the long run it is worth it! Beginner level products


- 18%
Fuzion Z250 2021 Pro Scooter
The new Z250 2020 Pro Scooter is Fuzion's 2021 pro model for beginners. The Fuzion Z250 2021 Pro Stunt Scooter is a high quality stunt scooter for beginners but also for advanced riders. The Z250 is light, yet still really stable. Deck: Material: 6061-T6 Aluminium Width: 11,4 cm Length: 49,5 cm Integrated headset  Bar: Material: Cromoly steel Width: 55,8 cm Height: 58,4 cm Fork: Steel IHC Fork Compression System: IHC Clamp: Double clamp Wheels: 110mm; PU: 88A; ABEC 9  Weight: 3,6 kg  

€155.95 €189.95
- 10%
Fuzion Z350 2022 Pro Scooter Prophecy
The new Z350 2022 Pro Scooter is Fuzion's 2022 pro model for advanced riders. The Fuzion Z350 2022 Pro Stunt Scooter is a high quality stunt scooter for advanced riders and aspiring pros. The Z350 is light, yet very stable. Paired with a one of a kind design and a lot of upgrades in comparison to previous models, the Z350 is one of the best complete scooters on the market. Deck: Material: 6061-T6 Aluminium Width: 12,1 cm Length: 49,5 cm Integrated headset  Bar: Material: Aluminium Width: 55,8 cm Height: 60,96 cm Fork: Aluminium IHC Fork Compression System: IHC Clamp: Double clamp Wheels: 110mm; PU: 88A; ABEC 9, Hollow Core Technology  Weight: 3,25 kg  

€242.96 €269.95
Longway Metro Complete
The Longway Metro Complete! One of the lightest complete Scooters on the market! Total height: 79 cm Compression System: IHC Clamp: Double Clamp Headset: Integrated Headset Wheels: 110 mm Wheels Weigth: 3.3 kg




The grips are mostly soft and made of rubber. The softer the more dampening it is when landing. The harder the handles, the more durable. Since the diameters are standardized, all grips fit on every handlebar!


You always have to ask yourself one question when it comes to the bar or the handlebars: What material do you want to ride? Aluminum is extremely light but not particularly stable. Steel on the other hand is durable, but you also has extra weight. A perfect middle ground is titanium, light and yet stable but quite expensive.

In addition to appearance and shape, there are other important characteristics of the handlebar: the compression and the diameter. The handlebars always has to match the fork. Also make sure that the compression is compatible.

The diameter of the handlebar tube usually results from the compression. When buying the clamp, make sure that it fits the diameter of the bar. There are two diameters: Standard Size and Oversized.


A clamp is almost always made of aluminum and is very light. Here you can freely decide on the look, but make sure that the diameter fits the handlebar. There are two diameters: Standard Size and Oversized.


The headset sits in the head tube of the deck. Your handlebars won't turn a millimeter without the headset. Oil it regularly so that you can turn your handlebars smoothly!


The deck is the heart of your stunt scooter! Decide on your ideal length and width. This depends not only on your shoe size, but above all on your style and the tricks that you want to perform. Wider decks are easier to catch but are also heavier.


The griptape should be as rough as possible and last for a long time. It is important that it corresponds to the width of your deck so that it covers the entire surface.


The fork is one of the most important elements of a stunt scooter. The fork tells you whether your scooter is stable or not. The fork always has to match the handlebars. We differentiate the following types which a fork connects to the handlebar: IHC, HIC, SCS and ICS.

If you need help with this, feel free to write to us.


The wheels are made of a stable aluminum core on the inside and soft hard rubber on the outside. Mostly the wheels have a hardness of 86A so you roll quickly and still have good grip. There are even harder wheels with which you get even more speed, but you have less grip, especially on ramps. Softer wheels have good grip, but are slower and take off faster.

There are always two bearings in the wheel. Oil your bearings regularly so that they last a long time and stay fast.