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Kendama KROM Pro Models 2017 Jake Fischer

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Presenting the 2017 KROM Pro models - 100% Slaydawg power fused with the worlds best kendama players.

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The models are all made on Slaydawg kendamas in either premium ash or maple - each player picked his favourite wood and decided on the details for the 'dama.

Support your favourite players!

This is your chance to put some $'s in the pocket of your favourite kendama players. From each Pro model sold the player will receive a handsome royalty for the amazing work they have done.

Fischer - 2015 MKO Freestyle champ, 2016 World freestyle champ

The kendama in important bullet points:

  • New shape - slightly larger & competition approved
  • New Laser engravings for maximum grip
  • New KROM LOL Clear paint
  • New KROM Bearing - the bead just got upgraded
  • Draw-string bag for safe storage
  • Bigger hole - for endless spikes
  • Extra string, stringing tool and sticker
  • Full ash (ultra grainy)
  • The best kendama ever.

Finally each kendama is packed in a dope KROM string bag with a carabiner.
Each bag will carry your players signature and pack some special stickers, extra sticker and bead.

 2016 KROM LOL Clear - so sticky it makes you LOL.
Wood type: Full ash or full Nihon (check your pro)
Size: Competition+

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