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TSG TSG Helm Meta Solid Color
high protection effect (EN 1078) Sizes: S-M/  L-XL / XXL Material: PP (Propene Polymer), EPS, Polyester, Nylon FullCut EN 1078 (Bikes & Skates) Weight: 440g

- 45%
Noname Smart light set bicycle light
Light set including white front light and red rear light. The set also includes 2 brackets for mounting on the bike and 4 AAA batteries. Lights up to 140 hours on one charge. Handlebar bracket clamp 25.4mm Seat post holder clamp 31.8mm and 18mm clamp.

€9.95 €17.95
RideSide RideSide Academy Scooter Workshop
Dein Können ist bereits sehr gut, aber du arbeitest an einem ganz bestimmten Trick und der letzte Schliff fehlt dir noch.Termin: vorerst kein Termin, bei Interesse bitte um Anfrage Uhrzeit: Alter: ab 6 Jahre Maximale Teilnehmerzahl 8 Personen insgesamt.Mindestanzahl 4 Personen, darunter findet der Kurs nicht statt.Wir weisen darauf hin, dass der Veranstalter für etwaige Verletzungen während des Kurses nicht haftbar ist. Wir empfehlen eine ausreichende Schutzausrüstung mitzubringen (Helmpflicht).

Ethic DTC Ethic DTC Hand Grips
Material: Silikon Length: 160 mm Weigth: 117 gColour: Blackincluding 2 Grips and 2 bar ends 

Tilt Tilt Pro Scooter Grip Tape Metal
Tilt Metal Griptape in the size 60,9 cm long and 17,78 cm wide.Width: 17,8cm (7")Length: 61 cm (24")

- 50%
Elyts Elyts Footbed Orthotic Insole
An insole that is essential for anyone with heel pain and has an extra cushioning effect. Simply choose the right shoe size and you'll ride with more suspension!

€9.95 €19.95
Micro Micro splash guard 200mm
Front Fender for Micro Black/ Micro White/ Micro Flex

Tilt Tilt Pro Scooter Grip Tape Energy
Tilt Energy Griptape in the size 60,9 cm long and 17,78 cm wide.Width: 17,8cm (7")Length: 61 cm (24")

Tilt Tilt Pro Scooter Grip Tape Bat
Tilt Bat Griptape in the size 60,9 cm long and 17,78 cm wide.Width: 17,8cm (7")Length: 61 cm (24")

Tilt Tilt Pro Scooter Grip Tape Shattered
Tilt Shattered Griptape in the size 60,9 cm long and 17,78 cm wide.Width: 17,8cm (7")Length: 61 cm (24")

Triad-Oath Triad Shape Shifter Dirt Scooter
This is the most perfect Dirt Scooter! Deck: Width: 5.5" (140mm) Length: 20,5" (520mm) Bar:  6061-T6 Alu Bar Width: 54 cm, Height: 56 cm Compression System: SCS Clamp: Conspiracy SCS Clamp Headset: Integrated Headset Wheels: Triad Air Wheels for Dirt and Park Weigth: 5,6 kg

Elite Profile SCS Clamp
A very stable but small SCS Compression from cult Brand Elite. Material: Aluminum 6061 Inner-Diameter: 32mm (Standard) with Shim / 34.9mm (Oversized) Weight: 250g Compression System: SCS for standard and oversized bars incl. bolts

Tilt Tilt Stage I Pro Scooter Deck
Maximum control, strength and low weight with the new Tilt Stage I Pro Scooter Deck. Material: 6061 T6 Aluminium Length: S (20" /50,8 cm), M (21" /53,3 cm), L (22" /55,9 cm) Width: S (5" /12,7 cm), M (5,5" /14 cm), L (6" /15,2 cm) Headtube: 83°; Integrated; 3D forged Weight: S (1540 g), M (1630 g), L (1770 g) fits fits up to 120mm and 30mm wide wheels for Integrated Headsets 1 1/8" incl. axle and spacers

- 50%
TSG TSG Evolution Helmet Solid Colors B-Ware
This Helmet are like new but as some marks and scratches at the suface.A leightweight high protection effect (EN 1078) helmet! Material: PP (Propene Polymer), EPS, Polyester, Nylon EN 1078 (Bikes & Skates) incl. 2 Inlays Weight: 460g

€29.95 €59.95
Tilt TILT Flame Selects Pro Scooter Wheel
Tilt high-quality wheels in a double pack. The Flame Selects wheels are released in a limited edition, so don't wait too long or they'll be gone! The Tilt Flame wheels come in 110mm (24mm wide) and 120mm (30mm wide), depending on your preference. The wheels use the same PU as the Tilt Durare Wheels and offer the perfect mix of extremely good speed and high grip. As always with Tilt, the wheels come with built-in spacers and Tilt bearings. When buying the 120mm wheels, make sure your fork and deck can accommodate 30mm wheels. Fullcore Build Diameter: 110 mm / 120 mm Width: 24 mm / 30 mm with Tilt bearings & spacers Contents: 2 wheels  

Wise Wise Oversized T-Bar
Die Wise T-Bar für einen super Preis! Gern kürzen wir dir den Lenker auch auf das Wunschmaß oder setzen einen Schlitz.  Width: 24″[61cm]  Height: 28.5″[72cm Diameter: 34.9 [HIC/SCS]  Weight: 1350g  Colour: Black

- 43%
TSG TSG Helm Meta Solid Color B-Ware
This Helmet is new but has some scratces.High protection effect (EN 1078)Material: PP (Propene Polymer), EPS, Polyester, Nylon FullCut EN 1078 (Bikes & Skates) Weight: 440g

€39.95 €69.95
Core CORE CL1 Pro Scooter
The CORE CL1 Stunt Scooter transforms the classic kick scooter into a high-speed street trick machine. With an ultralightweight Aluminum 6061 handlebar and the IHC Compression System, it's perfect for street tricks. Effortless maintenance completes the package. Total height: 85cm (33.5") Compression type: IHC Wheel diameter: 110mm Weight: 3450g Bar width: 620mm (24.4") Headset type: Integrated 1 1/8" Deck length: 48cm (19") Deck width: 12.7cm (5") Bar shape: Y-shaped Bar material: Aluminum 6061 Bar height: 620mm (24.4") Wheel width: 24mm

Gain The Shield Pro Knie Pads
The new Shield PRO knee pads from Gain are specifically designed for freestyle scootering. They offer an improved fit and durability through a new material and design concept. With three segments, reinforced foam, and resilient straps, they are ideal for riders looking to progress. Available in adult and children's sizes, S, M, L, and XL.