Ethic Dynasty V2 Bar 67cm

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Ethic bars: Beautiful yet functional

Size: 67 cm x  58 cm (H x W)

Colours: Glossy Black / Polished

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Ethic Dynasty bars are designed by Kevin Demay, former designer of Addict Scooter parts. Kevin has used his experience and his knowledge of scooter riding to revolutionize the scene with his own parts.
Like the entire Ethic product range, Ethic bars are beautiful yet functional.

  • 4130 Chromoly Stahl
  • Height: 67 cm (26.3")
  • Width: 58 cm  (33")
  • Diameter: outside 31.8 mm (Standardsized)
  • Compression System: ICS / IHC / SCS if slit is removed

Available colours: Glossy Black / Polished

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