Guide for Micro SCooter

In 1998 the Swiss Wim Ouboter brought out the first aluminum scooter. The idea was simple and perfect for short distances in the city. The scooter was extremely light yet still stable. It could be folded up and taken anywhere. Soon afterwards there were countless copies of the Micro Scooter and now there is a scooter in almost every household in Austria that is based on this idea.

Over the years, Micro Mobility has repeatedly brought out new models and innovations. There is now a great selection and the right scooter for every occasion. Which micro scooter is the right one? We are the experts and will show you what is important!

The most important things you need to know about buying a micro scooter:

What is important in a good scooter? Explained here, in a nutshell!

A good scooter is ideally tailored to your needs. Not everyone uses their scooter the same way. For example driving distances differ considerably.

Some prefer to leave the scooter in the car, others drag the scooter many floors every day and need a light Model.

The surface is also an important issue, do you want to be out on cobblestones or gravel?

You can see all the important facts here. At the end there is a summary table. We hope you find your model, if not we are happy to be there for you!

What is important concerning a scooter?

Wheel Size
The general rule here is that the bigger the tires, the faster you are. This is only partly true, because you can achieve a very high speed even with small tires, but the effort required is much higher. To sum it up with bigger tires you don't have to push as often to speed up. Therefore size is especially important when you have to overcome great distances. Another very important point: the bigger the tire, the more pleasant the ride. With small tires, you can clearly feel every bump no matter how small. For distances over two kilometers and if the surface is uneven, we therefore recommend using 200mm tires!
age of the driver
Children love scooters. The smallest Micro is suitable for ages 2 and up. Thanks to the ingenious steering mechanism, children learn to keep their balance in a playful way which is ideal when preparing for cycling. We therefore recommend the Micro Mini and Micro Maxi for children. Both are light-weight, without risk of injury and come in many colors. Young people mostly ride scooters with large 200mm wheels. The Micro Speed ​​+ is also ideal because of its compactness. Adults can handle the larger and more comfortable ones well. Popular models are the Micro Black and Micro White 200 as well as all Micro Flex. New in 2020 are the Micro Downtown models with handbrake and the Micro Interlock with an integrated lock.
It doesn't matter whether the scooter has to be driven on asphalt or gravel. There is a suitable model for every surface. Most of the models are intended for asphalt because the scooter is almost always used there. One model is perfect for gravel and shingle: the Micro Flex Air. Thanks to the pneumatic tires you can drive comfortably. The Micro Flex Air is slower on asphalt. This is particularly noticeable when driving uphill. With the Micro Flex you have a good alternative for all surfaces. The soft footboard is flexible and the hard rubber wheels are quick.
Do you need the scooter for long distances or just from the car to the apartment? The distance is important. If you want to cover long distances, we always recommend a scooter with 200mm wheels. If you want to use the scooter primarily in combination with public transport, the scooter should be compact. The Speed ​​+ with its low weight and small dimensions is ideal for this. If you have to overcome inclines, you should use large hard rubber tires and not pneumatic tires. If you live on a hill, an additional brake like in the Micro Downtown has proven effective.

Micro Scooter Products

Alter Reifengröße Untergrund Bergfahrten weite Distanzen Gewicht
Micro Mini Kinder klein (120mm) Asphalt Nein Nein 2 kg
Micro Maxi Kinder klein (120mm) Asphalt Nein Nein 3 kg
Micro Sprite Kinder-Erwachsene klein (120mm) Asphalt Nein Nein 3 kg
Micro Cruiser Kinder groß (200mm) Asphalt Ja Ja 4 kg
Micro Cruiser Kinder-Jugendliche klein (120mm) Asphalt bedingt Nein 4 kg
Micro Speed+ Kinder-Erwachsene mittel (150mm) Asphalt bedingt bedingt 4 kg
Micro 200 Jugendliche-Erwachsene groß (200mm) Asphalt Ja Ja 5 kg
Micro Flex Jugendliche-Erwachsene groß (200mm) Asphalt/Pflastersteine Ja Ja 5 kg
Micro Flex Air Jugendliche-Erwachsene groß (200mm) Pflastersteine Nein bedingt 5 kg
Micro Downtown Jugendliche-Erwachsene groß (200mm) Asphalt Ja Ja 6 kg
Micro Suspension Erwachsene groß (200mm) Asphalt/Pflastersteine Ja Ja 6 kg
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